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Daily Selected Poems: Mildred DJ Par

Mildred DJ Par   |   Thursday, 30 December 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems:  Mildred DJ Par

A Peep on the Need for Sleep

we owe ourselves
a much needed sleep.
be it a short nap during the day
or a slumber in the afternoon
or because it is the end
of a long, tiring day.
We die momentarily in our lives
and live again
with the start of a new day.
We also sleep as our body
needs to awaken
and repair its loose self.
We sleep to replenish the energy lost
in our waking moments.
We sleep coz it binds us to the spirit world
where we are all connected.
We sleep to restart from our blunders and mistakes.
We sleep coz i need to see you, my friend,
in a dimension all our own.
no one to judge us.
no violation of mores,
which i call, dream.
Most of all, we are called in
a moment of unity with our Lord
so the next day we would seem
fresh, renewed, and revived from within.
We sleep just to wake up
to the reality which is tiring
and energy is sapped.
a little more, saving up
to live a life a little longer
and better.
Mildred DJ Par
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Posted 5:18 pm | Thursday, 30 December 2021 |

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