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Loneliness and Isolation

Weekly Selected Poem : Ronnie Tucker

Ronnie Tucker   |   Friday, 05 May 2023 | Print

Weekly Selected Poem : Ronnie Tucker

Ronnie Tucker

Loneliness and Isolation

Does anyone really know what being alone is really like
How much it hurts
Not having someone to care about you or having someone you care about
The isolation it brings the deep emptiness it leaves inside your heart
The pain that continuously lingers
The darkness within yourself
A wound that festers endlessly and never heals
No one to share emotions with
No one to hold you when you desperately need someone
The anguish that has broken you down
The torments you keep bottled up
Just having someone by your side
To help pick up the broken pieces of a shattered heart
To hide in the shadows spiritually so neglected so alone
I cry sometimes to myself and wonder why
The torture is so unbearable sometimes
So neglected so detached from of all the happiness you wish for
Only to have no one there
No one to reach out to for a little compassion
Only an emptiness that continues to linger
To eat away at your day to day
At a cold and distant place that is inside of you
That gets more empty as the days go by
And the sadness you keep inside only to hide behind the fake smile you wear
Behind the fake smile is the tears that really fall that no one sees
Because they don’t care
A tattered heart and a broken soul
An emotionally shattered being who is so lost
Who only wanted someone to love and return love to
Alas it is, as it is
Only loneliness to the bitter end
No one will comfort you
No one will be there for you
When you die no one will cry
You will only be a memory and you will be forgotten so fast
I guess that is the way it’s meant to be
Just some weed-covered grave
With a tombstone that has your name
No fanfares or goodbyes
Only empty sighs
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