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O my younger self

‍Weekly Selected Poems : Larry Bracey

Larry Bracey   |   Friday, 05 May 2023 | Print

‍Weekly Selected Poems : Larry Bracey

Larry Bracey

O my younger self


I know this seems strange,

It’s weird for me too,

Writing myself a letter,

About things i didn’t do,


Chances i never took,

The people i called friends,

Standing up for those,

No-one else defends,


Being average came easy,

But i always wanted more,

Knowing that someday,

I’d spread my wings and soar,


That day came,

And i left it all behind,

Looking for something,

I wasn’t sure i’d find,


Time has taught me a lot,

And here i am today,

Writing you this letter,

Which seems so cliché,


If i could be in your shoes,

Knowing what i know,

You’d conquer the world,

And set it all aglow,


Remember family first,

Lift those who need lifting,

Don’t expect things back,

Give to those who need gifting,


Take the knowledge you need,

And teach others so they know,

But you don’t need recognition,

For helping others grow,


Don’t fight the system,

To try and prove you’re right,

You’ll lose that battle,

And it’ll keep you up at night,


Money isn’t important,

If all you do is work,

Vanity is temporary,

It makes you look like a jerk,


Treat everyone with respect,

Let patience lead the way,

See the good in others,

Hear what they have to say,


Surround yourself with love,

And love those you surround,

Be an everyday philosopher,

Both genuine and profound,


And should you get the opportunity,

When that cheerleader passes by,

The one that’s always smiling,

Even though she has a guy,


You should smile back,

Every now, and then say hello,

She won’t be with him forever,

Just something you should know,


You’re going to lose loved ones,

But life will continue on,

You’ll find your way,

Even though they’re gone,


I know you’re waiting for your turn,

Looking for a way out,

Being trapped in a town,

That nobody knows about.


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