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Daily Selected Poems : Arun Kumar Kulshreshtha

Arun Kumar Kulshreshtha   |   Thursday, 22 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Arun Kumar Kulshreshtha

Arun Kumar Kulshreshtha

Human Values


Past, future and present,
For the sake of human existence,
on the ground floor,
Meaning of human values.

All-purpose-welfare goal interest,
paramount human values,
Effective spiritual and orderly,
Energy, Intra-Controlled, Values.

Momentary, life-bud,
Humanity essential human interest,
Only worship of ‘Powerful’ God,
Eternal, Truth, This is Unknowable.

In today’s world-plane scenarios,
universal degradation of moral values,
Personality, conduct, deeds,
Doing, affecting human values.



Wonderful Moment


What a wonderful moment will be
when the life will have a visit with death.
Mortal body will transform into
five elements, which is created of.

Marvellous will be the moment when
earthly body will be free from pains,
Fears and tears will perish in dust,
better to face death with smiles.

After assessment of “Karmas” related to
previous physical life on the planet,
A new “Prarabdh” will be chalked -out
by the “Supreme Power” with justice.

This will definitely be a great moment
for the soul to be happy and gay,
in anticipation of new physical life
in order to perform “Karmas” honestly.


Copyright@Arun Kumar Kulshreshtha

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