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Daily Selected Poems: Adelisa Lisa Atanasovska

Adelisa Lisa Atanasovska   |   Monday, 27 September 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems: Adelisa Lisa Atanasovska

Adelisa Lisa Atanasovska



When life really loves you
spare you from any pain
It doesn’t take the smile off your face
you are light, you fly like a bird
From a random passerby
make you, the strongest ally
Gives you real friends
to toast with you, to a life
And everything is beautiful, as a dream
you realize, that you an overjoyed…
You get love as a gift
the perfect person comes to you
Beautiful feelings in a row
happiness is always close to you
Every wish comes true easily
you just want her very, very much
You walk firmly along the gilded path
with your soul, you caress hearts along the way
That’s why life loves you
surround you with the most beautiful things
(google translate)


Warm Soul


You are the summer,
for my winter heart
You are the hope
for I disbelieves
With love, you melt
the snows in my soul
Ice castle, you smash
with a smile
Magikal glow
it shines in your eyes
Like the sun
in the summer months
In front your sweet look
everything falls
It disappears, it melts
like a chocolate
All sorrow and pain
promises important
Now…They are so
distant and unimportant
Cold snow
they are now a warm sea
Your arms, they are not
tired of hugging
You are my sun
you are my everything
From the depths of my soul
I love you now

(Translated by Google)


Ti si leto
za moje zimsko srce
Ti si nada
za moje neverice
Ljubavlju, topiš mi
snegove u duši
Ledeni zamak
ti osmehom rušiš
Čarobni sjaj
u očima tvojim sija
Kao sunce
u letnjim mesecima
Pred tvojim pogledom slatkim
sve pada
Nestaje, topi se
kao čokolada
Sve tuge i boli
obećanja važna
Sada su tako
daleka i nevažna
Hladni snegovi
sada su toplo more
Ruke tvoje se
od grljenja, ne umore
Ti si moje sunce
ti si moje sve
Iz dubine duše moje
sada volim te


All rights reserve © Poet Adelisa Lisa Atanasovska

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Posted 9:51 am | Monday, 27 September 2021 |

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