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Weekly Selected Poems: Gerald Weeks

Gerald Weeks   |   Friday, 14 January 2022 | Print

Weekly Selected Poems: Gerald Weeks

Gerald Weeks

A sol for all souls

How humans long for spring’s birdie song,
Now the air is warming nerdy true,
And sure the sky anew be azure blue,
A winter lames apace in hearts that long.
Gentle winds have fallen on England’s hills,
On their crescent to awaken the dills,
Delights farmers tills etched so straight,
Eager for crops to grow to reap a sate.
On a clear day sol will always say:
I am back to warm all jaded life,
I am the rays to brighten day,
I am the energy of nature rife.
For the rift valleys or to gardens a gift,
I will be burning above wherever I shine,
A perfect blazing role I learn to lift,
All shoots that long to be longer mine.
Life shall again taste my sting,
For all birds and insects on the wing,
Warmblood will flow for flight and flit,
And out from his cave comes the hermit!
Sails have flapped in my glitter-wrapped coast,
Gliding abide for blown breezes caprice;
One commanded a cease of excess boast,
Only one demanded less for a lily’s peace.
I, therefore as God’s sol obey in bathing the earth,
From my birth, a swathing of its girth,
Blowing equation rays to reach all oceans and beaches,
I liaison his will of flame on all and each.
I will be ongoing daylight as the light for life,
As my creator gives light to all men,
I shine just like Jesus to end dark and strife,
My furnace never glimmers until my night says: Amen.
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