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Daily Selected Poems : Bijayananda Mishra

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Daily Selected Poems : Bijayananda Mishra

Bijayananda Mishra


Tribute to Father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi

Disbelieve darkness dispels candle,
Ignorance fade education n handle,
Ancient, great people slumber neat,
Lost past glories forgotten lies treat, (1)
Thousand years record name place,
Treat, purely fictions histories trace,
Demand proof surprises n evidence,
Centuries face time swap incidence, (2)
Great culture language under sand,
Medicine treatments, surgical hand,
Astronomy educations study nature,
Martial art n defence warrior secure, (3)
Details of social-structures customs,
Trade business silk ornament sums,
Spices gold jewellery chariot horse fit,
Elephant domestic, worship cow nit, (4)
Invaders arrive land assimilate well,
Alien culture custom mingles, dwell,
Kingdom hundred, start fight bitter,
History shows battlegrounds litter, (5)
Inter rivalry jealousy, raises hatred,
Downfall, of pristine-past feel dread,
Generation see document gone pity,
Ancient university burnt ghost city, (6)
Time tell sad-story, eminent scholar,
Learned from Asia study n popular,
Precious palm leaf book lost period,
The nation under alien rule absurd, (7)
Colonial-visitor capture power stun,
Age discover canon gunpowder gun,
Defeat gun total sword spear arrow,
Land submerges slave no tomorrow, (viii)
Exploitation new beginning n steal,
Vast population in chain pains kill,
Illiteracy, poverty, sickness, rampart,
Early death epidemic visits impact, (9)
Past glory rich assets gold jewelry,
Diamond gold idols crafts thievery,
Plunder huge nation leave skeleton,
Tear of The Himalayas Ganges own, (10)
Century-of-plunder tortures history,
Twentieth-century free nation sorry,
Shed few tears contemplate people,
Resurrection destiny guides simple, (11)
Destiny’s son Mahatma, birth wish,
Father of Indian-nation, lot cherish,
Brought independence get freedom,
Thousand years after, past emotion, (12)
Slavery worst curse forefather gone,
Their cries on torture had melt lone,
Somber thought liberator birthday,
Billion people remember quiet, pray, (13)
Resurrection reminds non-violence,
No cooperation, with tyranny fence,
Mahatma title signifies truth shine,
Truth speaks Bapu’s nature define, (14)
Birthright equality, liberty, freedom,
Classless genderless n constitution,
Pillars of democracy plural culture,
Great Indian nation largest assure, (15)
Solemn pledge resurrection, remind,
Protects sovereignty freedoms, find.
Think, fortunate born to sacred soil,
Resurrect dedication selfless nit toil. (16)
Pen: Bijayananda Mishra
Title of Poem: Resurrection
Themes: Birthday of father-of-nation of India




Benign thoughts wink often sail,
Melodious song rhythms prevail,
Enchants nature beautiful pure,
Soul, merge with nature enamor,

Verdure excites forest attractive,
Plethora, of tree colors deceptive,
Magic-wand, spread color allure,
Paradise on earth, impress near,

Green hills ravines meadows all,
Hypnotize human, mind enthral,
Change seasons ornate earth nit,
Floral forest tracks blossoms gift,

Fragrance spread wide thrills life,
Recluse from urban life, far strife,
Urban lives exotic fun flare strike,
Night never ends pleasurable like,

Day manifest differ, human prowl,
Sunlight change, person act crawl,
Bus metro car crowds road speed
Busy life human breathless need,

Need shelter food dress asset well,
Need, never meet expectation hail,
Milling crowd mall, offices, college,
Park restaurants hotels well craze,

Rail station bus stand airport best,
Round the clock active, never rest,
Watch minute nature city life swell,
Draw pictures that interest n quell,

Sit hours, allow, mind contemplate,
Record detail spectrum of life date,
Add nature’s bountiful poesy, neat,
Flow thoughts in orders n discreet,

Canvas completes nicely add color,
Pour liquid silvery gold thorn odor,
Splash color liquid bit metaphoric,
Perfects picture creative, magnetic,

Search word to write pen less-move
Suitable; mind fails to coin improve,
Hundred-word cross, mind search,
Opens dictionary meaningful touch,

Endless thought stretch night long,
Express wordless emotion hit song,
Clueless to ink ecstatic song’s lyric,
Word match, soothe heart mercuric,

Abstract feeling picture arouse love,
Fails heart to coin right word above,
Literature unique gift trickles word,
Brick by brick, build mansion prod,

Night end pen halts dawn poem nit,
Mirror canvas reflects heart explicit,
Secrete nectar of mind heart solidify,
Cherish silent night ink script rectify,

Literacy literature gift word, impress,
Condenses, feeling expresses wordless.
Poetic heart records everything intact,
Poesy depicts colorful, soothes, in fact.


Copyright@Bijayananda Mishra

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