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Daily Selected Poems : Eric Aguilar

Eric Aguilar   |   Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Eric Aguilar

Eric Aguilar

“Rise to the Veil of Night”

When the mountain smiles the moon,
it sits warmly on its shoulder.
By boulder of light,
it gives rise to the veil of night.
Most precise of times pendulum.
It towers of nights mischief,
for all to see it’s celestial face.
Such of the shadows scamper,
bending behind illumination.
The radiance of its arc three-sixty.
Its orange and blue hues
show fullness of front.
It ladders a stepping stone
to unknown places.
In the mists, it’s light is even more.
Filaments of green grasp to
to the place where you might
…reach for the moon.



Tempered iron
hot by fire.
Signature line Label.
Logo recognizable;
Control Stable.
On the go, any which way
factory to table.
Sixteen wheelers
live on the air, FiOS, cable.
Stay tuned; brainwashed,
a slave to signing the bill.
Receipts of taxes & of taxes
and capitalism established.
Coins ring chimes hypnotizing
civilians in a symphony
conducted by
anonymous maestros.
Ads suited of braided jingles
remain stuck in your head.
All that’s contained in dollar bills
is in a trends currency.
Barriers in cadence
make spaces in
parking lots of despair.
Stop, posh, shop
credit cards in the air.
The pull of impulse
to buy or steal
the product of demand.
Outsourced, imported,
manufactured, hand made.
The bulls eye focused
on genders and age.
Convenience non stop;
Scanning barcode cadavers.
Smart marketing ads
Convincing ego that
I gotta have it.
Subliminal texts cue
the back to an upfront
coming soon of consciousness.
Due to profits
concepts of new images;
alchemists mold idols
oiled and polished.
Trade Marking product
so the lame know the X.
Burned, seared, seasoned
stamped, stuck, cut
painted, smeared, scarred,
tattooed, tarnished, antique,
By: Eric Aguilar


“A Picture of You”


As night falls
I find the day in mourning.
All of my accomplishments for nothing.
In life’s closet I find myself alone;
holding a picture of you.
Wanting to care, I call out.
Life feels so empty
without love to share it with.
To have company of your own
subtracted from the present
brings a longing down, deep within.
To have and to hold,
the most special memories fill my center.
My heart is a picture of you
but, my mind only sees the negative.
A piece of forever longing to be told;
only my soul knows the pain.
The joy is in the instant of a flash.
Your image stands positioned
within a thoughts frame.
I stand in wait for truths reveal
knowing my life’s subject
is a picture of you.


“Cusp the Caterpillar”


There once was a wise caterpillar
who knew something of the tree.
Though his legs were very fast,
they waited to proceed…
The worm that can walk
is such a funny little thing.
For, it took time for his body
to catch up to his feet.
He barely braved the elements
and climbed the big tree.
At the edge of a broken branch,
he took a sit to see.
Then he hung his hammock
resting between a twig and a leaf.
For, it took time for his body
to catch up with his wings.


Copyright@ Eric Aguilar

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