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Sazu Kabir

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Sazu Kabir

Sazu Kabir

Mind, pair of eyes and light

The sun stands still on the man’s spine
Not cloudy, some bamboo cracked sound waves come down from the clear sky
The rainbow sparkled …

There is no monster medieval here
No modern-day ammunition Horrible glitter …

But shoreless sea
The man’s pair of eyes go as far as Just awkward darkness …

The instruction comes from the voice of the yellowish banyan tree standing next to it:

“Open the eyes of the mind” …

Suddenly he falls in love with a beautiful shadow who walks with equal rhythm;
Deer-running, breathing;  yet it can not be reached…

The shadow blows a letter:
Alas! beloved, why so far?
Want to see me! Want to get it!
Find in your spine …


All rights reserve © Poet Sazu Kabir

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Posted 8:40 am | Sunday, 13 June 2021

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