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Poetry for Peace: Fady Bouaz

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Poetry for Peace: Fady Bouaz

Fady Bouaz

Together with one voice of love, peace and justice

Stop killing your brothers and sisters among the same species
Stop killing innocent people, women and children
Stop destruction of the innocent houses
Innocent people are buried alive under the ruins of their houses
Stop families displaced, women and children are roofless,
living and sleeping in the streets,
Stop savage war crimes against the vulnerable
Stop your cruel hatred and revenge
Stop your savage injustice
Give the rights of the fellow brotherhood.
Raise your voice on love, peace and justice,
Stop the oppression and war crimes against innocent people.
Shame on you! where is humanity?
You are not watching a terrific movie,
Where is your responsibility to help the people, among them humanity! Where is your faith in Allah?
How you can pray to the Almighty, for mercy and forgiveness and
seek for heaven,
If you don’t have mercy and justice for the righteous, people,
Those are killed, injured and displaced, in great savage injustice?
Be the voice of humanity.
Let us all together, around the world, be one voice
of love, peace and justice, for humanity.


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