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Poetry for Peace: Sharmila Shrestha

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Poetry for Peace: Sharmila Shrestha

Sharmila Shrestha

Sharmila Shrestha

Keep the weapon

Fighting has not benefited anyone till today
It has only caused destruction
I think I will destroy the enemy
Never think the reward is your own destruction,
Thinking as humanity
The pain that violence inflicts on others today
Remembering that the character is himself
makes you even more angry
How to save your society and family?
You think of ways, you are saddened by your separation;
you want to save your society, your family
Isn’t this the right of the enemy too?
There is so much joy in living together
After fighting this war, nothing seems to be available
in this world except all-round destruction
So, O people of Gaza, beg with both hands, lay down your arms,
give way to peace
Live for yourself and do not deprive others of their right to live!

Creatures around the world want peace
Doing the best for everyone will be the victory of your humanity!
The history of Gaza will be written in golden letters!
There will be welfare for all on the path of peace
Everyone will have the right to peace and freedom
The world will find a beautiful calm
We will be free from fear.


Copyright@Sharmila Shrestha

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