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Daily Selected Poems : Caryl Y. Atendido

Caryl Y. Atendido   |   Wednesday, 15 September 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Caryl Y. Atendido

Caryl Y. Atendido

“The Meaning of Happiness”


Happiness is sitting with your loved one,
Giving hugs and kisses and let anger bygone,
Talking dearly with sweet words you hear,
Happiness is filled that was very clear.

Happiness is travelling with your friends,
Having fun and nighttime together again,
Hearing your stories and laughing out loud,
Happiness is filled like you are in cloud.

Happiness is eating the food you want,
Thanking our dear Lord for the grace he grants,
Tasting sweet inside your mouth,
Happiness is filled and you feel delighted.

Happiness is having paperwork done,
And the tiredness and cramping were gone,
Having free time to enjoy at last,
Happiness is filled you’ll surely have a blast.
Happiness is waking up each day,
With a cup of coffee in a tray,
The joy in morning and afternoon,

Happiness is filled while gazing at the evening above the moon.
Happiness is sharing what you have on hand,
Giving food, water and worn clothes like magic wands,
Making happy is a satisfaction,
Happiness is filled with having party on an occasion.
Happiness is playing around,

With your friends and neighbors on the playground,
Everyday seems to be basket of joy,
Happiness is filled when everyone enjoy.
Happiness is laughing your heart out,
Telling jokes until you pout,
Hearing stories side by side,
Happiness is filled with care inside.

Happiness is in writing stories and poems.
Surfing your mind with ideas like in chrome,
Using ball-pen and paper as a tool
Happiness is filled and everything at all.

Happiness is singing a song you like,
Together your friends while having a hike,
Happiness is everything you do,
Happiness is something that gives fulfilment to you.


Copyright@Caryl Y. Atendido


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Posted 3:59 pm | Wednesday, 15 September 2021 |

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