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Daily Selected Pomes : Irish Susa

Irish Susa   |   Tuesday, 05 October 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Pomes : Irish Susa

Irish Susa


The night is so dark & cold,
But the star’s gave me lights,
To look up and not to be bored!
As they shines up the world,
Where you & me are living hold,
To tell our stories that are untold!
The reflection of the moon,
From the water world-
Do you think there is love to told?
Or the dark clouds keep them all,
Keep them from the trees-
And mountains that are so bold…
So starry starry night,
Let me just wish you tonight…
Fill the world with love!
So I can tell my story,
About the love you gave me,
Every night that is cold & empty.



Be with you


Believe me when I say…
“I will be with you forever!”
In the darkness don’t be afraid,
With the wind don’t be sway,
With the water don’t be insane.
When the world will no longer fair,
And you think you can no longer stand
Look up and take a little glare…
I’m not as bright as sunny day,
For I do transform in many ways,
But that little light is my love & care!
I’ll be with you every night & day…
Cuddling you in my simple ways,
Like wind on its hot & cold days,
Like clouds in its magical ways,
Like water in its unending days,
I’ll shine & dance with you always…
Like the waves in its romantic ways.


My Missing Piece


Finding you…
Is like finding myself!
The missing piece-
In my puzzle test!
The crawling snake…
Of your moonlight rays-
Entering my room,
From my goodnight rest!
A rare good seeds-
Like trees in the forest,
You amazed me-
How you are blessed!
My ultimate dream…
Now it is all over!
From end to end-
We found each other!
In the middle-
Of our road & fate,
Reaching our hands-
To hold each other.
Finding our hearts-
That is beating so fast.
Our inner soul-
That driving us…
To be home!
To be yours!
To be mine!
To be as one!
To live in bliss…
Under the moonlight!


Copyright@Shiri Pearl

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