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Global Poet : Fiona Gobin

Fiona Gobin   |   Wednesday, 07 July 2021 | Print

Global Poet : Fiona Gobin

Fiona Gobin

Poet Fiona Gobin of Trinidad and Tobago

Fiona Gobin is a poetess from Trinidad and Tobago. She has been in creative writing since the age of 14.
She is a certified travel and tourism specialist, designer and decorator. Fiona is also an inspirational writer and poet, her poems have been featured in many international magazines and online portals, her other literary works will soon be published. She has been an active contributor and member of the Global Poet and Poetry platform.


 A collection of poems by Fiona Gobin




So gorgeous is the silver moon
Against the black velvet curtain.
With the heavenly stars,
Twinkling their little eyes
And the paucity of clouds
Roundabout her like sylphs
Protecting her majesty.
The effervescent empress
Of the night
Needs no aid to overcome
The surrounding darkness.
She’s all beaming
Casting her radiance
On the tiny subjects of this earth.
Her brilliance permeates through
The branches of the coconut trees,
Revealing her innocent smile
A spectacle so truly divine.




Joy erupts within me
And I dance vivaciously,
As grey, monstrous clouds
Cover the sky
And soothing westerly breeze
Gently strokes the leaves.
Sweltering heat
Scorches the flowers;
Limp and shrivel
They begin to wither.
The rumble of thunder;
The vivid flashes of lightning,
The birds hastily seeking shelter
Herald, the rain is coming.
Now the breeze is gusty
The sky is dark and gloomy.
The heavens are relentlessly pouring
Yes, it’s raining! It’s raining!
Come, let’s dance my darling!
Let the world see
What a feeling of ecstasy!




Life is a mixture
Of pleasure and pain
Just like nature
Sometimes with brilliant sunshine
And at times with showers of rain.
Nonetheless, the rainbow
Always appears on the horizon
Bringing much hope and enthusiasm.
So each day when you awaken
Smile through the tears
If your heart seems broken
See the goodness
Welcome, all God’s blessings.
Allow each moment
To reflect your inner beauty
And make each day your masterpiece.



As one day ends,
Another begins.
Just as one flower withers away
So another bloom
To brighten our day.
Likewise, life’s journeys,
We travel one road
To the other,
One destination
To another.
On various levels
Accordingly, we take to flight
As do birds at each ray
Of morning light.
Life is not always made
Of silver or gold.
When one treasure
Is hidden.
There is always
A talent to unfold.
Passing through one door
Leads to another,
Golden opportunities
Lie afar
Indubitably, aspire.



Plunge into the ocean
Go deep-sea diving
What a world to discover!
Nature’s treasures like no other.
So much to witness
Beneath the surface.
Likewise, dip into your heart
And bring out the beauty that exists-
Love, compassion, kindness.
Let these treasures emerge
Remove anger, jealousy and grudges.
Your heart is a locket
So let it store all things positive.

Copyright@Fiona Gobin

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