Tuesday, August 17th, 2021

Daily Selected Poems : Yusuf M. Khalid

Yusuf M. Khalid   |   Tuesday, 17 August 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Yusuf M. Khalid

Yusuf M. Khalid



The world is just like a quest inn
None of us will abide therein
We can not own its things, either
We use beds and seats of leather
Yet we leave possessions hither
Winnow bad thoughts don’t let them ruin
When you win hearts you really win
To you belongs what you gather
Don’t let imbers of love smother
Before the end of the tether
Up is the hand that is giving
And down’s the one that is taking
You can make it nice a weather
By being someone’s heart soother
You make another’s life smoother
And though you were twine consanguine
And shared the same mother your queen
But neither of you would bother
About his sister or brother
Then you don’t belong together
All human beings are just akin
Every one is your kith and kin
If you understand each other
Your relationships go further
As if you had the same mother


Copyright@Yusuf M. Khalid

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Posted 12:45 pm | Tuesday, 17 August 2021

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