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Madhu Gangopadhyay


Madhu Gangopadhyay

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28th April 2021

Oedipus Today!

What blasphemous sin did man commit?
Like Oedipus did he unknowingly meet
His nemesis? Or else why such a time unleash?
When death knocks on every door, the man slowly perish!
Oedipus, as fate designed, killed Liaus ( his father)
As arrogance and pride overtook: and rode to Thebes.
The Delphic oracle’s prophecy proved to be true
Oedipus’ hubris led him to his harmatia as he let his sins brew!
He answered the Sphinx with absolute alacrity
Thereby ensured the ultimate calamity!
The Thebans offered Jocasta(his mother) to him:
Blind as he was committed the incest sin!
Married his own mother: four children they had together!
Man is the architect of his own fate!
Time and again it is proven as it states:
Within the limits of destiny, man may find ways
To assert his freedom however arbitrary be fate!
The plague that ravaged Thebes
Could only be lifted if the murderer was caught.
Oedipus then the truth of Liaus’ death sought!
He was aghast when he came to know,
That it was he who killed his father long ago!
Jocasta harrowed: she bedded her son; Damned!
In shame, guilt and self loath herself she hanged! Oedipus too, overcome with despise and distress;
Took two pins from his mother’s dress,
Pierced his eyes and marred his vision
Oh! What sacrilegious connections!
Wonder what man did now?
What impious act he ploughed?
His craze to rule the universe
Has brought upon him this dreadful curse!
Lust for power: man’s eternal hubris;
How like Oedipus foolishly he rushes!
Leading himself to his nemesis:
His tragic flaw pushes him into abyss!
Oh, God! Please help man redeem his sins
Before apocalypse upon himself he brings!


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