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Daily Selected Pomes : Dayanidhi Patra

Dayanidhi Patra   |   Thursday, 23 September 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Pomes : Dayanidhi Patra

Dayanidhi Patra

My neighbourhood girl

Oh, that shy, beautiful girl
Puts on a face smiling
Her eyes have wings
She goes on flying.
Steals sleep at night
Fills dreams in mind
Sometimes shatters hopes
Nourished in the tender heart
I don’t find another of her kind.
Her eyes sing songs
They attract in the language of love
It has its innocence
I am spelled
Driven into a land unknown.
Every now and then mind runs to her
In loneliness, it flourishes at its best
In darkness, I think
She is my only soulmate
Maybe for birth after birth
Whether it is heaven or earth.



Knowing Oneself


I can’t decide exactly
What “ME” supposed to go for
Either hobble here and there
Aimless, no purpose
Or dangle in air
Vacillating as a person
With no care
Doubtful of existence
As if a drifting ball.
Many times the time bell rings
Warning us all
To take care
The worth within is just a bud
Not to fade
If favourable, it will stupefy the world
Every flower blooms with purpose
And ends with success
So why to be an idle loafer
A worthless dabbler
Just realise
What man is made for
The self within
Is a fertile land of productivity.


©®Dayanidhi Patra

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Posted 1:00 pm | Thursday, 23 September 2021 |

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