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Daily Selected Poems : Lungi Shigo Msusa

Lungi Shigo Msusa   |   Tuesday, 30 November 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Lungi Shigo Msusa

Lungi Shigo Msusa

Too loud with my hands

Running towards a bullet
Chasing troubles in my head
I’m deaf, blind and dangerously in love
In love but not really trusting love
I’m without cover finger is on the trigger
I feel exposed, I hate losing control
Where the hell is she tonight?
I’m full of jealousy, she’s so unpredictable
In my jealousy, I toss love in a dark hole
My animalism wants someone to tame
My hand is on the trigger, I can kill
I just need someone to trigger my anger
Don’t tell me you love only me, I’m deaf
Full of anger I’m blind with love and hate
I’m too controlling, I always get my way
I want to be heard my hands speak louder
My hand always on the trigger don’t lie
You’re mine you must never forget that
Love has no meaning without you
I just want to say sorry I laid my hands on you



My Dragon Lady

Her love is like the fire of Moses’s burning bush
Her ballroom dirty hips sway with ecstasy in love
Her passion burns me like never before everyday
I’m in my beautiful lady’s cauldron every day
In her warm loving arms, I’m buried in love bliss
To my loving heart, she’s a stolen love petal
I rejoice love has tamed my gorgeous dragon
If it wasn’t for love I would’ve stayed away from her
I call her my Dragon Lady and she smiles always
She’s in an unexpected love show now with me
She never expected a mere mortal to tame her fire
I’m a dragon slayer at heart love made me brave
She spits fire, she spits ecstasy, she’s in love
I’m a neither-nor but her love is blind to my status


The beauty of a Lotus


It was its sparkling beauty
I wanted it for myself, I’m in love
I wanted to plant it in my own pond
To bring back life and love for my love
Then in my heart, I hear it says:
I shine I sparkle I brighten the pond
I don’t come cheap you’ll fall in love
I’m always fresh like a morning dew
I steal hearts of gold with my glitter
Take me home with you with a smile
Make me the star of your pond
His loving heart will be forever grateful
Love is a gift in my heart, I’m a Lotus
The beauty of a Lotus makes me
Has I taken with love all over again
Like a diamond in the rough it sparkle
Its sparkle brings love back to my heart
I see it shinning in my lover’s smile
I’ll take care of him forever, he’s my Lotus


One day the poppy shall dance


One day the poppy shall dance
Its bright red color shall pop
Next to a rose love is complete
One day the poppy shall dance
Love me some poppies
My garden of paradise
The fragrance of pure joy
A bouquet so tender
One day the poppy shall dance
Love me some poppy
Take me to my adland
My happiness is advertised
The scent becomes me
I’m flying with a butterfly
I’m a bee with a love letter
Mesmerize by a nectar so sweet
I dance, I sing, I laugh, I’m in love
One day the poppy shall dance
Love me some poppy
In my father’s garden, I’m taken
My gosh I love the smile of sunrise
Light rain in summer, a poppy’s smile
Wow! I see him with poppies for me
My day is made, I’m in love all over again
I’m a kid in my father’s arms again
Dance my Poppy, you are loved
One day the poppy shall dance


© Lungi Shigo Msusa

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Posted 11:37 am | Tuesday, 30 November 2021 |

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