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Chandrasekhar Batabyal

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Chandrasekhar Batabyal

Chandrasekhar Batabyal


left alone by you
I felt my day over.
but I felt God is there
who provides succour.
broken heart, I carried
for long since you left.
yet I never lost faith.
In my heart of hearts
I nurtured..
God never lets..
anyone to suffer long.
On Valentine’s day
I stood with a red rose
waiting for you
to renew my love for you, dear
you looked askance
and walked away with my friend
red rose stucked on your braid.
a deep sigh arose ..
I tore the red rose to pieces
just fallen before my eyes
tears fell on the pieces
soaked ..
Jeered my love
I heard ..
“O ‘lover, don’t be coward

and tear your heart apart love,

better one waits “.
as if God whispered.
collecting strewn petals
Smita, my friend, offered a red rose
“I am for you, my love “.
my dream seemed come true
I found my new love.


Rose seeks justice

Spring comes
with all hues
roses bloom
cuckoos sing
The world transforms
Nature dresses with chosen
foliages, and flowers
to sing in unison
with spring’s overpowering
abundance in mirth.
Two young hearts shared their hearts
and fell in love.
which was all very good.
Valentine day came
Red rose had its day.
cupid was glad to wind venus by the arrow of love.
red rose offered kisses exchanged.
promises made ..
Eternity their love in kind no human can divide.
Immature youngs bubbled
in joy ..
Destiny smiles.
their inter-caste love an eyesore to their families ego.
Did not honour love.
Smelt colour in love
caste in love.
The Young’s dream killed
In the orifice of religion,
caste and creed.
crushed rose wails..
seeks justice.


All rights reserve © Poet Chandrasekhar Batabyal

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