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Fady Bouaz


Fady Bouaz

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23rd April 2021


Very unfortunately

The moon that is covered with white
Alone in the dark
Is looking at the many young bright stars around
He looks, with heartbreak in his eyes
His heart is broken and very sad
That young star, which he loves her so much
He can’t go to her, and she doesn’t come to him
In order to his soul sing the love songs to her, on the melodies of his heart that loves her always
So that she knows, how much he loves her, how much he wants to be in great love with her always
But very, unfortunately, the distance separates them
His love for her will remain without hope in meeting her and hugging her in great adoring always
He lost the chance to be with her
He is only destined to love her from afar
Very unfortunately

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Posted 1:16 pm | Wednesday, 02 June 2021

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