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Daily Selected Poems : Moitreyee Raju

Moitreyee Raju   |   Sunday, 24 October 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Moitreyee Raju

Moitreyee Raju


I can see…
Oh, I can see,
That man’s dying,
’cause his once starry eyes
have stopped lying!
Those eyes now keep on prying…
Is there anyone who’ll be crying?
He looks harried and hurried
and his dreams, all feel buried,
gets carried are his eyes
Checks as he, his watch and his ties!
His ties now all feel distant,
for drawing their attention,
he feels hesitant!
There is none he knows who’ll realize
the state of the affairs of his mind.
Once so elevated were his thoughts
that they’d often touch, the sky-high loft.
His voice was his mellifluous pride
thought he, he’ll sing…
and make the world come alive.
Alas, remains all that now
is a figure cold with regrets abound.
The Pharaoh of death
prominently sits on his bed.
Fertile once was his sleep domain
now it’s no more than a swampy plain.
But methinks he’s affrighted of sleeping
’cause God knows what death is reaping?
He thinks,
he may not live to see the dawn
and so he stays awake,
with the night he plays along.
Memories of yesteryears beseech him,
as they come crumbling and crashing
from the ceiling like a building
to play an eccentric game with his feeling!
His deeds and misdeeds come to a calling
and the threshold of his eyes feel a prickling.
His thoughts seek account.
Oh but he’s tired…
now wants to be homebound!
An old lore beacons,
an old door opens.
Is that death that awakens?!




Pride is a layered virtue
owned by several with great value;
Visitations to the land of pride
is oft spoken with a sizeable appetite!
But rarity is that quality
that takes pride in honesty.
Pride in honesty?
Oh! what a defunct thought!
Though not a dysfunctional thought!
‘Cause its frontiers are timeless
like the skyline, it’s immaculately limitless.
In the cemetery of my mind
I visualize and find,
the face that was once grazed
by pride’s ageless grace.
He was a man of humble beginnings
overflowing honesty with all its trappings;
He had a sumptuous gait
as if the sun was his mate;
His resounding laughter
had the innocence of a rivery banter;
His work took him to his stars
to his content and contented stars;
His friends his treasure
they were his sole pleasure;
His bold eyes reflected only “You”
that made his face glitter
with a gold like hue.
And so I ask…
“Where do you reside O’ honest pride?”
“It is in the travails of life
that you’ll find my kind,
like the clear stream of Beatitude I flow
like the golden sunlit sky I glow,
my crystalline azure blue
always reflect everlasting truths.
The journey through my life
is a cultivating ride,
that creates “Me”…
the spectacular honest pride!
you’ve distanced me
to that faraway land,
like a mirage
I now live in the no-man’s-land!!
But I’m the scintillating sun!
Time and again I flash my face
for you to relish the pun;
Oh yes there are a score
who embrace me from head to toe
in every sense comprehending,
the perils of that telltale “foe”!”


Copyright@Moitreyee Raju

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Posted 4:47 pm | Sunday, 24 October 2021

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