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Daily Selected Poems: Kenneth Maswabi

Kenneth Maswabi   |   Thursday, 30 December 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems: Kenneth Maswabi

Kenneth Maswabi

The Sweetness and Bitterness of 2021

I have more things to say to you 2021
But I will not accomplish anything by whining
I will only open the wounds of sorrow
And spill the ghoulish substance of misery
I have tasted your bitterness and I have tasted your sweetness
I am more than happy to hug you and also to spit on your face
I am terribly sorry, but I am going to be blunt with you
You hurt so many of my friends, family and colleagues
You stole from the chest of treasures in their hearts
You took away their loved ones in a split of a second
And left them on the brink of hopelessness
You were not only merciless, you were brutal in your modus operandi
You broke so many hearts just with a stroke of your pen
Your book of sorrow was kept open all the year round
Your pen drenched in the murderous ink
You wrote a death notice to all the households
You notified us of your intention to repossess some of our most precious possessions
Our health was on the line and our lives were on notice
There was no respite from your many accusations
There was no sufficient punishment for our so called misdemeanor
You brought your iron fist hard on us
We felt your brute force across our chests
We could not breathe
But that is just the bitterness of our tears
We also frolicked on the substance of your sweetness
We held hope in our hands with every passing day
We enjoyed the open skies of your beauty
We held our breaths at every sunset and sunrise
We were awe struck by your kindness and grace
We loved the way you fed us amidst the pain
We enjoyed the fruits of your abundant spirit
We are happy to have known you
You have taught us so many painful lessons
You have shown us the colour of mercy
You have opened so many hidden doors
You ushered in a new era of hope and Love
We await your successor with a renewed spirit
We say goodbye to you from the bottom of our hearts
Adieu 2021…Farewell 2021…Adios 2021
copyright@Kenneth Maswabi
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Posted 5:17 pm | Thursday, 30 December 2021 |

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