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Mother’s Day 2022

Radha Raman Singh   |   Tuesday, 10 May 2022 | Print

Mother’s Day 2022
Whatever is there in the world of consciousness,
Everything is your creation mother.
Whatever happened in the substantial world,
Everything is your destruction mother.
The spring in forest upvan,
Whatever is the brightness of nature.
Look into the water, in the land, in the sky
Life is multifunctional, your love.
Where are you not in this universe?
Here, there then where you not?
Such a beautiful world if you are there.
Everything is incomplete without you here.
How did you create countless multiplication
You are amazing, unique, unique in this universe.
You are in Sahara, in the sea, you are in Sundarvan.
You are on the earth, on the mountain, you are the moon, in the sky.
Mother on this earth, you are the form of God.
Truly, the goddess of Mamta, you are Anup herself.
Copyright Radha Raman Singh
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Posted 4:57 pm | Tuesday, 10 May 2022

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