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Poetry for Peace: Ronnie Tucker

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Poetry for Peace: Ronnie Tucker

Ronnie Tucker

War is Hell (dreams of peace)

In wars causes  violence and gunfire breaks the silence the bombs are falling everywhere
And the people are dying
And they are crying
The pain and despair you can trace in their faces
Wars are hell

Buildings burning bodies laying on the ground
the violence, the silence the hate  runs deep
the lands fought for are not worth a life
broken soldiers fight on for a winner to claim
A prize that is only death
How do you sleep my friend
How do you sleep
Why are there wars
war is hell

maybe peace will one day come brothers and sisters can live as one
no more fighting no more dying no more crying
hands  joined together peace through the lands
A smile upon the faces will shine across the land

But are these only dreams that will never be
Dreams that run through our hearts
Dreams that will never see the light of day
Only we can wish that peace will come our way
only time will tell as we go dying and crying
war is hell
war is hell

Copyright@Ronnie Tucker

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