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Hasmikh Mehta

Hasmikh Mehta

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29th May 2021 and 21st June 2021


No problem

No problem, remember
once a while but alter
your past link
don’t allow yourself to sink further
don’t make the past memorable for your idealism
stress more on humanism
you have a long life before
not at any stage, feel sore
make life a passing reference
pronounce the positive sentence
if you have little time left
make a shift in attitude and behaviour
behave like river water
remain in spate when rain showers more
calm down when it has subsided
raindrops are actual means to be decided
life needs change
along with passaging of an age
age teaches you about different modes
leave aside everything and ride over wings


Take a breath and think

I take a deep breath
and express faith
in doing poetry
with the grace from an almighty
long road still lying ahead
to read and understand the people of the world
where miseries lie untold
what do I feel and express?
what shall I do to bear a smile on the face
despite having pain in the heart
my heart aches for the human sufferings from the very start?
does the life convey?
much to our dismay
that life is full of agony and anguish
don’t finish it by cowardice act!
if you try to sail through
it shall provide you true means
that shall win you over the hurdles
and help the other people
not writing alone
but what has been interwoven!
in the poetical spirit given
I stand all out for the humankind


@Dr Hasmukh Mehta
D.Litt, Folt

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Posted 9:18 pm | Wednesday, 02 June 2021

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