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Radhika Tytler

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3rd June 2021


The weather’s debt to the sky
Gives stormy nights and rains too
For making the world worthwhile or encarve for floods too
I have never understood the language of sorrow
It’s like Hebrew to my ears
I spend time in the shallow waters of romance
Write poetry to enlighten my heart and soul
This world is a lonely place with the passing decades
Some leave us some stay, no peace of mind at the end of it all
Tears nurse the sad eyes Who lose love with time
I question eternity, it’s beauty stays silent
An answer to my
vivid reality
Yes I am sad as time changes everything
How long will this ordeal last
I am lonely to the core
Perpetual writer that I am
Explaining every single soul’s felt feelings
Truth is very bold
Tells us that there is nothing we can hold
I wither away in the shallow waters
But see that romance does not get seized
For then I write poetry with pessimism and romance getting underway in my writings
Hence I am living my life in a poet’s draft
For there is no more and nothing less
I describe it to be told to your heart and eyes
Otherwise, I am nothing worthwhile
Just a poet in your eyes
Giving me a smile and a delight!

Copyrught@Radhika Tytler

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