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Poet of the Day

Sarala Balachandran


Sarala Balachandran

Best Poem and Poet of the Day

15th April 2021 and 6th May 2021


The B R A V E

Brave are those men who give up
their lives for the sake of protecting the motherland,
leaving behind their weeping wives and children and
old parents who are praying for their
safe return from the border!
No one knows when a bullet will pierce his heart
but the fire in him no one can blow off and
the glow on his face shows his courageous heart!
He does not look back when he leaves his home as his eyes
are fixed on how to save the motherland from outside forces!
When he is off duty he takes out the photos of his wife and kids
and parents with a loving kiss, with tears no one can see!
Such is the bravery of a soldier ready to give up
his life for the country
I humbly bow down to these bravehearts
who are human too with feelings!



Her eyes are like morning dew
soft and compassionate
Any man would fall for her looks
She walks so softly
Not wanting to hurt the grass under her feet
Her lips like pink rose petals
She is a beauty in everyone’s eyes
A girl with a golden heart
Who wants to serve all
No one knows her inner strength
She can take care of all ailing and sick
A girl who is every man’s dream
Who will make a good home
She doesn’t need any make up
Born beautiful girl
She is always busy
Watering her garden
As she hums along
Her enchanting smile
Makes many men captive
Her long curly hair
Blowing in the spring breeze
A happy girl with no worries
Of tomorrow
What matters to her is this moment
When she feeds the poor
With her own pretty hands
She is a god-given gift
To this world
Where there is no love left
She never sheds a tear of sympathy
But helps all who is in need
A girl who dreams of a
Better world for all
She is an angel
Fallen from heaven
To change this world
Through her good deeds
And teaching others to be
loving towards all!
She is a kind of a girl
Who makes tears into smiles!

Copyright@Sarala Balachandran

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