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Daily Selected Poems : Billy Whitehorn

Billy Whitehorn   |   Thursday, 12 August 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Billy Whitehorn

Billy Whitehorn

I Still Remember Those Days


How can you explain something that you do for enjoyment…
when others don’t?
I remember in anticipation
for the crack of dawn to come
when I’d wake up
I’d get my Grandfather up
we’d eat breakfast,
grab our fishing gear, jackets & bait
then take off first thing in the morning
knowing that the fish were ready to bite
we’d get down to the dam
before they’d release the water
you’ve heard the song from the Doobie Brothers?
*Catfish are jumpin’*
well it’s true!
we’d get out poles ready with bait & hooks
and cast them as fast as we could,
grab our chairs & start waiting
sure enough,
one of the four poles would start twitching
and the fight was on,
we’d laugh and bet each other
who would catch the most
or the biggest fish,
I still remember those days


Copyright@Billy Whitehorn



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Posted 12:26 pm | Thursday, 12 August 2021 |

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