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Sai Prakash   |   Wednesday, 16 June 2021 | Print

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Sai Prakash


Sai Prakash

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16th June 2021


Standing majestically, in the middle of a park, I saw you first time, when I was a kid, naughty, mischievous, holding my father’s hand, in awe watched, you from a distance
As I came closer, I realized you have two faces, one rugged, with steps so high, the other a smooth sliding surface
As I climb the steps, I reached your pinnacle
My father, leaving me there, ran to the other side, waiting in anticipation, that I slide
My fears coming to the fore, I refused letting my grip from your hairs
A patient wait, a smile on his face, arms stretched
He lay in wait, my hands gathering sweat, slowly losing the grip, I began to glide, eyes closed, screaming aloud, reaching the arms of safety
Teary eyes, letting out smile, mixed emotions, life’s first time
A hug and a pat on my back, as if I scaled Everest, my joy knew no bounds
Mastering the art, no more fear I kept on repeating the same feat again and again
I even tamed your, otherside
Scaling affront, the smoother side, those slips and grips, misses and falls taught me life
Now I can no longer hold my favourite hands
Yet, lessons learnt, I bring my kids to repeat the play
I tell them, what my father told me when I was returning home, with a bouncy gait
Oh! Dear child, climbing and sliding are two sides of the same coin, even you should learn the art of climbing, from the slippery side




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Posted 11:52 pm | Wednesday, 16 June 2021

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