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Dilu Naser

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Dilu Naser

Dilu Naser

Sheikh Mujib

To Bangla and Bengalis
The name of Mujib has meaning,
There is a lot associated with this name.
in the name of Bengal without Mujib
The country wouldn’t free.
from birth to death
In the efforts of him
The flowers of freedom have bloomed.
In the country called Bengal
Nature and birds,
rivers of Bangladesh
attached with stories of Mujib.

Everyone knows the father of the nation.
The name of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Sheikh Mujibur is cherished in my heart
And dear father,
Mujib in the country of Sheikh Mujib
And will come back again.


Translated from Bengali by Faruk Ahmed Roni

Light Up Now is the Time

What a dreadful time for us to meet
You and I
Not a touch of blue in the sky
No flowers to see and no birds sing
Only death and destruction
As far as I can see
Darkness prevails all around.
What a dreadful time for us to meet.
Murderous is this time in a shroud of grief
Which decays us night and day
Why is there this eternal breach between us two
Why is this doubt and fear
Why we seem lifeless though we live?
Cast this fear and the doubt aside
Light up now is the time
Rub the flints of our hearts to get her
Light up where it is dark now.


(Translated by Munayem Mayenin)

All rights reserve © Poet Dilu Naser

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Posted 1:02 am | Sunday, 13 June 2021

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