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Daily Selected Poems: Bijayalaxmi Rath

Bijayalaxmi Rath   |   Monday, 18 October 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems: Bijayalaxmi Rath

Bijayalaxmi Rath

Sweet Conversation 

Sweet Conversation,
Loving hearts’ own definition.
The only solution to every situation.
Changes life’s perception.
Solve hearts’ emotions.
A great healing touch against further destruction.
Soothing introspection and retrospection
for no further agitation, along with
lots of motivation.
Every question’s appropriate explanation.
A shining ray to eradicate mist of
Gap of hearts filled with much temptation.
Wounds of life heal with its loving potion.
A confrontation to bring clarity to all
Defeats distance with positive vibration.
There is no greater option
to overcome life’s battle than a
Sweet and hearty conversation.



Heart, muscle of existence.
Breathing pattern of sustenance.
Ups and downs confirm its continuity,
with blood, oxygen, veins and arteries.
We run, we jog, aerobics we perform.
Meditation and yoga all we ensure.
Balanced diet and prescription of Doctors
all followed meticulously by us.
Yet our Heart in storm.
As obsolete modernity and sophisticated stupidity soar higher and higher.
Eyes cry rain of tears.
Defeaning silence aches the soul.
Mind dwindles in pain and fear.
Morning to night we rush with indomitable gush.
Competition tough, destination unknown.
Achievements smile devoid of compassion.
More longs for more and more.
Today is devoid of fun and pleasure.
With a whim to build better tomorrow
Life remains all-time perturbed.
Heart crosses its limits as a shock absorber.
Being overburdened with scars and tensions.
Needs potion of love and lotion of compassion.
Relaxing Zephyr with warm affection.
Let’s smile with satisfaction
while paying regards to God’s creation
and His decision.
Our heart will definitely assure us
a future continuation.
Copyright@Bijayalaxmi Rath
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Posted 5:00 pm | Monday, 18 October 2021 |

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