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Poet of the Day : Maria Sangerean

Maria Sangerean   |   Wednesday, 07 July 2021 | Print

Poet of the Day : Maria Sangerean

Maria Sangerean


Maria Sangerean

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6th July 2021



The rain…

Torrid summer day, pagan heat,
The Colb of the road, the life of the angel,
The grass is surrounded by fire and heat,
And the sad trees are barely breathing…
The baby Alene wind came between the bushes,
Birds lie between silent branches…
On the wave of the unwavering lake and matte
Goose tanning, the whole winged family…
Arms of corn arrows emaciated
And the spicu falls in coy prayer,
Because of the plough that is buried the stem
Stir up the clay, sifting through the light…
And the peasant leaves the plough in the tree,
Embarrassed is the oxen, they shoot themselves…
With the forehead, like the dry ogre,
With the heat pre-lined on the kneeling body
He prays alongside the whole one..
Lord, water us, let’s have pita and money…
And like a sign, the distance vibrates
The lightning of tangled clouds splits
And in the dusty torch of the afternoon,
The herd is unleashed with the horses of the storm…
And life rises in grain and thread and in man…
Raise the clouds in the sky and the peasant on the ogor…
And in the drops of rain that get the earth drunk,
The most handsome waltzes the corn in the fields!


Copyright@Maria Bloodrean-Sibioara


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