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Daily Selected Poems: Sandre Pietro

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Daily Selected Poems: Sandre Pietro

Sandre Pietro

Thirty CitIes, Thirty LOVES
Walking carefree,
Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park,
Westminster, Downing Street,
Piccadilly and Carnaby Street,
in the evening in the hotel sitting in the hall.
One evening a company entered,
with red shirts at the bar,
looking better, I understood that they were fans,
who had witnessed
at the afternoon game,
between Manchester United and Queens Park Ranger,
and they had won.
They walked around joking and laughing,
when near the sofa where I was sitting,
slipped a red-haired girl,
and it practically ran into me.
Do you like me so much,
I told her and raised a cute freckled face.
He looked at me, and in response, he kissed me,
yeeeeeees almost screamed stretching out thee,
he did not move from the sofa anymore
chatted about everything,
I listened almost absently but it remained there.
A couple of hours passed,
went to get two sandwiches,
and when I said I’d go to my room,
I come with you,
you are my boyfriend tonight.
There was nothing else to do but go with her,
this London night
I spent it in sweet company,
at a few hours, I fell asleep
and in the morning, I felt myself shake,
it was she with her nose
that looked like a little dog,
at the foot of the bed already dressed.
By by my friend I go to Manchester,
gave me a necklace,
remember don’t forget me.
I have not forgotten and now I’ll tell you,
among my strange and innumerable stories,
the necklace still exists among my things,
now the youth is gone,
but the freckled red girl,
with a cute face, you can not forget.
Copyright@Sandre Pietro



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