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Daily Selected Pomes: Katica Zmijarevic

Katica Zmijarevic   |   Sunday, 26 December 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Pomes: Katica Zmijarevic

Katica Zmijarevic

How I love you mother

You jumped the hills and valleys, you bathed in tears
in the arms of crying
You have not been mourned as a woman, as the earth burst with the sun
to the one who made you warm
From which you drew the light and were appointed by God’s transparency
Oh, how I would like you to know with which eyes you have passed me,
while the octopus wrapped in the rubble left
The traps were a test feeding a cub under the tree with many vulnerable years
If I could turn into the ear, look at the sky with your hands
and read with your eyes with your lips, Mother of the Guardian,
Icono all that I possess in me you planted in the garden
and the sequence, low unforgettable
Now that you’ve moved to a better place,
the door became heavy and the lock rusted under my boots
My only prayer I call you, you do not respond in the Court of Heaven,
you sow seeds so that the soul does not perish, in the weeds of inheritance,
where barefoot tells the truth naked truth to the world
as a sign that you are loved with the holy anointing, you have been crowned
Mother exhausted root of the fearless soul
sanctuary of the poor water-thirsty mouth,
that never ceases to call you by your name that you left,
about the only heat of my hopes,
the song of the Angel you call on I don’t play,
with words, the heart talks about love which you have saved in me
Beloved river without return, trust,
faith and hope the word remained unsaid in my thoughts,
Mother sleeps on my shoulder’s childhood only mother
knows how much she is loved, my soul belongs to her only,
only to her until we meet
Wherever you are, we will meet,
my only mother, my beloved soul


Give me

Give me the mystical sky to climb
and hold it in my arms
With a song in the lyrics of love
married with a halo of fragrant podium
You will bloom, like a frog,
like singing with a chirping spring
The last track remains in thinking
in the fruits of imagination in two
The moment passes through life
in the standing sand of the black edge
At the end of the tunnel again
the light of the day echo does not hear
I wake up the steps in nostalgia
on the drops of dead rain
Tonight I was at the peak of fame in my dreams
I was looking for a reason to comfort,
pain hurts, touch
And you like me, don’t like stories without end,
stories at the end of the window are steep,
I’m afraid.
Give me a hand I love the collapse in the game to
pass on in the text to follow
I smell you, I feel even more change on my skin
tanned at the sea of wishes
Just one word will tear down the tower of tickets
in the lobby of the toothy sun, which no longer shines
like the moon into a stick or shift turns direction of moving
I like to know the light will suppress the night tired,
with the water gutter, I sleep without sleep,
here I wait for dawn morning



I am also someone’s wife, mother,
sister eager for attention that no one pays
Trying my best to keep my presence,
among friends
The road is not going wrong
Empty space kills
How to forgive the rain and the storm that washes me
A rotten to the ground in the abyss
The power of power
Just covers the sky
A miracle from me
I’m just repeating again
It’s all a residue and the bottom is falling apart
Kisses the most beautiful, the most beloved cedo on the attic
Dawn washed away the feet of time
I’m awake
I swing my childhood in front of my door, memory
The quiet suffering of my growing up


A Statement of Love


In the darkness of a quiet cottage,
the voice of my terrible longing trembled,
The shameful story about rivalry in two after leaving brave,
passing his faith and my desire turned the lids upside down,
the red neck bent,
But the mouth is quiet
′′No′′ one’s doubts go the wrong way
Obsessed with passion sink the broken
path with your mouth,
touching yours, the indifference of the heart
Wake up all the senses with a statement
in the outpour of love, the courage of the power
Under a strong compression, two kisses
two lives for every thirty compressions with
hands-on the chest under heavy
with the pressure of kisses.


Show me the way


Show me the way star Danica my guide
my guide In vain
I won’t mention the name that adorns,
face cover and makeup
Always only mine in the kingdom of dreams
and your touch Angel of faith
I am waiting until my last breath
I’m jamming the soul of naked truth that’s all
I want and disappearing
I keep you in the chest because you are a jewel
because you are all my best that could happen to me
My harbor calm found a way,
and no longer wandering scared,
she is an exemplary lady with camelias,
strongest shield and pride of my life


In an Endless Night

I felt the sparks of the eye where darkness and light united into one seek the abyss,
in the universe that titles the impulses of my desires
I open the bright universe among the stars coloured with a brush of yellow desires and warm touches with silence.
I give out hands catching you, my whole sigh.
Luckily I swim on expanses of crystal pearls, not collecting dust of scattered meteors, in the heavenly alley where heaven is, the flames of night guards.
In the gap between reality and sleep on memory cobblestone, a visible shadow in the ditch of time tilt to the little love, drunk by the red moon’s glow.
In the harmony of the dance floor, played in the thoughts of memorial touches, not denied the road, in the constellation of the shaky fireworks comet, like a silhouette in the suburban tunnel, in the memorial tunnel, there is an echo in a calm sleep.


All rights reserve © Poet Katica Zmijarevic

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