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Birthday Wish : Fady Bouaz

Fady Bouaz   |   Thursday, 01 July 2021 | Print

Birthday Wish : Fady Bouaz

Fady Bouaz

But you must know


But you must know there is no death
Death is not more than beginning of a new life
Death means reborn
The pains that we feel during our lives
To clean our souls from the body instincts dirty
In order for our souls to become pure again
As they were angelic pure, before our leaving God heaven,
to we play the evil games by the inspiration of devil
The hope now is in God mercy and forgiveness
Which we must pray to we can have it
At the end of our lives, there are two ways
And we don’t have any choice
Way to heaven and way to hell
And our works good or bad will determine which way we will take
Our lives are only to prove, that there is enough goodness inside us,
so we can go back to heaven
Our life and death is the enlightenment
Or to born and die are new hard exams
And our hopes to we have mercy and forgiveness from Allah
Almighty to bless our souls in heaven
At the end of our continuous is reborn and die.




Whom loves you can understand you without hurting you
And can know your feelings when he looks at you
Because love means that there is a connection between the souls
Even if their bodies are strangers to each other
But the souls are not, and they know each other
Life is a very big circle
And the souls continue to meet each other again and again
As they met before
And always love combines them
My dear love
Since I saw you I felt that I know you
My soul felt that we met before
My heartfelt big love for you
From the first sight
I can understand you when I look at you
I can feel how you feel
And all that I want is to be with you
Because if you are with me
Always I will treat you like a queen
Always I will give you the love that you deserve
In order to make you always happy
And even if there is a big distance
Prevents my body from reaching you
But my soul always with you
And if in my this life I can’t be with you really
I will meet you again in my next life
To live with you really
And show you the great love
That I can’t show you in my this life.



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