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Poet of the Day : Mariana Kiss

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Poet of the Day : Mariana Kiss

Mariana Kiss


Mariana Kiss

Best Poem and Poet of the Day

24th May 2021 and 22nd June 2021


On the edge of the dream

There is a place, on the edge of the dream,
Where the rainbow mane rises,
Where the word does not hurt,
Where the letter doesn’t cut
Where the phrase ends,
Where happiness connects,
It’s hidden well, among the stars,
Among the liar’s chimeras
Among the scraps of lost loves,
Among the long-opened hopes…
An old man with a blue beard told me,
Because that’s where my bird has a nest!
He lets you pass if you give him the light of your eyes
And you sing pathetic ballads to him, from the charmed one.
If you are ready at heart to give up,
Kisses of the scary mountains foreheads
If you leave your childhood litter
And you mount the unicorn time…
Barely then it will let you pass
Among the columns of cold caves
You will reach a place that you never dreamed of,
Where will you be a gentleman again,
You will see splendours and you will love purely,
You will know everything that has grinded you in these years.



I lift you up with my broken hands

I wrap myself with the night
in your footsteps
too deep
in my soul,
I’m walking in the murmur
to your whispers
in my mind,
I’m getting better with your thought
in my mind,
draining me with your tear
in my eye,
I am rejecting you
on the edge of zenith… then…
I gather you in the shackle
to my heart
with every vibration of the universe,
with every whimper
of the infinity,
with each and every one of them
smile of the sky,
with every whisper
of the twilight…
I’m throwing you away
in unpolished harnesses…
I lift you up with my broken hands…

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Posted 7:52 pm | Wednesday, 02 June 2021

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