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Poetry for Peace: Maid Čorbić

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Poetry for Peace: Maid Čorbić


I do not want war, but I always live for peace
Because I was transplanted from those war zones
So I imigrate because of some people to different countries of the world
And I don’t know how sweet it is for some to kill others
My Gaza, it will never be the same again
Because of the people who knowingly destroyed it to pieces
I can’t keep my peace lightly
So I create unrest in various ways; we all have equal rights
And no one else needs to instill my rules
Nor moral values, because I because of such people today
I no longer have the space to reside in my country
And no one wonders how I feel today
I keep quiet about everything that shouldn’t be happening
But every impotence must be with justice in the end
There is no fairy tale in the world that is sad in character
Because again, I still kind of hold myself to character
I am suffering and looking forward to a new period of time
The timeless probability of ever being like everything before
It will never be the same because evil has been inflicted for a long time
And I still pray to God that we will be happy and alive
Since I lost everything, the war must not happen again
Sign an agreement between the countries that are at war
I patiently dream of some better and happier days
When it will be like everything used to be, alive
People are happy. I am happy because I will not be in the country
Which is like a second home to me, not my own
When the war is still going on, I have no choice but to
Escape from trouble to a better life

Copyright@Maid Čorbić


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Posted 10:58 pm | Saturday, 05 June 2021 |

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