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Daily Selected Poems : Tapan Roy

Tapan Roy   |   Saturday, 11 September 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Tapan Roy

Tapan Roy

I am Bound to Remain 

The fields are full of crops not in sight only
but in reality, as if the green ” Anchal “.
Gradually the crops become golden as if
the golden ” Anchal “.
For the lost of the past now is the pale grey sea-shore.
The food crops are not within the reach,
the thirst is entitled to only the saltwater
Of the sea.
All-day long and the whole night the sea-shore is the shelter.
There’s unbearable thunder-like
sound of the sea-waves.
For the destruction of the brightness the
Whole 24 hours are night.
The rats move running continuously on
the bed, the cockroach comes flying.
The ugly voice of the owl is frequently heard.
The existence is like a bat.
To get relief of the life of the hanging
bat the sea-shore now is my shelter.
I am bound to remain till my lifeline is alive.




I can’t see the sky, the Sun,
the moon and the stars,
but they see me.
I can’t see the river and its
current, but they see me.
I can’t see the sea and its
Waves, but they see me.
I can see nothing, but all can see me.
The feeling is my sight. I am blind in
physical sight from my birth, but I am
not blind ìn human sight.





I can drive but I request your heart not to appoint me as a driver.
I can fly but l am not a bird, keep your mind
with my mind.
Let us fly towards our destination.
I have a Shelter, but I haven’t Shelter of heart,
Please love me. Then I’ll get your heart.
Please remove my restlessness by the shelter
of peace of Your heart.
I don’t care the sun, the rain and even the storm,
although these are not the factors
of love.
The comedy of mind and mainly of the heart
is the essence of love.
Please keep your mind with my mind, give me
the shelter of your heart.


Copyright@Tapan Roy


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