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Daily Selected Poems: Kamrun Nahar

Kamrun Nahar   |   Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems: Kamrun Nahar

Kamrun Nahar


Words speak, words lose path to reach destination.
The sound of words is boundless,
The sound of words is like a droplet of water.
On the wordless silent page
sometimes birds can fly
The shrub sometimes grows into a vine.
Sometimes a little word can make you happy and can bring a smile to your face.
Just like magic!
Sometimes words work as a watchman
and defeat to catch the thieves and slaughter the blooming beauty unwillingly.
The words spread its curvature like a gold creeper and then realize
It’s all just innumerable whims.
The word could be a full-fledged pleasure
or sometimes be a basket of resentment.
Through words, anyone can meet up the distance.
In the same way, can enhance the distance.
For crooked diplomacy or complicated relations, anyone can blame words.
Words are the inevitable truth.
It can drag the mask from anyone’s face at any time.
Words have divine power that is prevailing everywhere all over the world.
Silence also has its own language.
Also having wonderful lexical forms.
Only a few can realize and can get the vibe of its pure soul.


A tale of existence


Civilization with its greater luxury is gently showing its teeth
every day with a smirk.
The lascivious greedy eyes satire itself and remarks on human psychology.
Everything is vanquished under this glamorous world, and every day,

thousands of stories are floating in the night’s darkness.
In front of eyes, nuts, flowers, or tea vendors become the projects of NGOs.
Little boys like scavengers, porters,

or beggars who beg singing songs become the guinea pig

characters for newly admitted university students.
People who live under polythene, in a basket or within cement pipes-
Are they really floating at all?
That is becoming an issue for the ministry of housing department for discussion.
Day after day, the meeting is continuing, and the result is completely invisible.
A strong conversation arises in the tea stall

every evening by discussing this issue.
But these typical hard labour people are very busy meeting

their basic biological needs.
They do not have time to think about all these things.
Life stories are so pragmatic here,

and the scene seems to grab the freedom of dreams.
The situation here is so ridiculous, as if it is mocking itself.
And the characters become villains instead of heroes in the open blue sky.


Copyright@Kamrun Nahar

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Posted 9:49 am | Wednesday, 20 October 2021

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