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Daily Selected Poems : Girija Menon

Girija Menon   |   Monday, 12 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Girija Menon

Girija Menon

Grab your Moment


Slow and steady wins the race
Is it relevant in today’s rat race?
Times now demands – never slows down the pace
Goalpost keeps changing…..ensuring a lifelong chase
But, a time in life comes when sitting on a park bench
There is enough time to admire nature and let imaginations stretch
Grab that phase of life, when the opportunity pops up
Give yourself those moments….stress given a good crop
Watch the worms emerge from down under
Butterflies flutter in gay abandon or kiss the flower
Snails taking their own time….in no hurry
Calm and content has always been their personality
While a lucky ME has the time today to see, admire, imagine,
write and smile
Gratitude in plenty for having traversed this far….mile after mile
So, next time you believe….time is no more productive
Pick up that hobby buried somewhere…..and get imaginative


Copyright@Girija Menon

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Posted 5:21 pm | Monday, 12 July 2021 |

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