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Tapan Roy

Poet Tapan Roy of India

Tapan Roy is a poet, officially known as Sisir Kumar Roy. But he is well-known and popular by his nickname Tapan Roy. 
Tapan Roy, a private tutor of commercially who remains engaged in language, literature and culture, is a poet, a story writer, a drama writer, a scriptwriter, a songwriter, an actor, an organiser. 

He started composing poem when he was nine years old. There held a poem reading sitting every week in his uncle’s house. He remained present there. This sowed in him seeds of literary instincts. Although he started composing poem when he was nine years old yet he Started sending poems for publishing in the year of 1989. His first collection of poems published in Bengali, the book called- Nadike Nasyi Koutoy, also he has other publications, they are Mati Makha Alinde, Anirban Roddur and in Hindi-Dhup kee Sawari,  he was a publisher of the news/literary magazine- Dour, up to 76th edition, Banglar Baire Bangla Kabita, Ai Shatabdeer Chhara, Banglar Baire Bangla Kabita, Ai Shatabdeer Chhara and Samay o Samakal.
He is ex-editor– Badhan Hara; Dakhin Bankurer Archi; he is the chief editor of Abad Zamin. He was the poetry contest winner of the Ghar in the poetry organized by Nikhil Bharat Banga Sahitya Sammelan in Allahabad. He has been honoured by– Dhanbad Zela Sanskritic Parishad, Dhanbad Branch of Nikhil Bharat Banga Sahitya Sammelan, Rabindra-Nazrul-Sukanta Academy Anuvuti etc.


Poetry by Tapan Roy


Nothing to give you

I have felt your broad mind
I have seen your lotus-eyes.
you are a tree to stand on your leg.
you are the fertile soil, you are the open sky,
I look at you, you come to my sight.
your beauty is attracting.
yet you are gentle.
you are a flowing river. you do your duty.
you are never annoyed with your work.
At leisure time you are Saraswati, the goddesses of knowledge.
your want is not unnecessary.
you are modern Gargee.
you are modern Maitreyee.
you overcome what obstacle comes your way.
you are the flowing river.
you go on, on your river-legs…..
you are a silent blue sky.
I see I see you day and night.
I have nothing to give you.
you can only expect my congratulation.
I think every time think of you.
we are proud of you.

Offer your heart

I kept the blue only
to give you.
The empty snatched away from it.
oh my dear cloud, don’t
go away!
I will miss you, I will miss
you very much.
Please keep my sky-body
Please stay with the emotion
with love!
I will give you rain, you will enjoy the green life.
Please tell me, please disclose what you dislike!
I will remove the darkness of tragedy to be
closed to you, to feel your sweetness.
If I get your touch, your
heart by your hand offered
Please offer your soft hand,
give offer .of summer-hot like the desire of rain
of the land.
Please give a response,
please be closed to me,
please offer your heart.

Humanity has remained unchanged

Eastern love in twilight is red coloured pride.
There makes a separation of the two due to such pride.
one belongs to a distant place,
the other resides at a distant too.
There is darkness started
in the evening.
The darkness continues
during the night.
The dawn comes. It comes regularly.
The known machis is the
tooth-brush of maintaining the relationship between the two after it has taken the
The sky is covered with cloud.
There is cloudy pride.
Life goes, goes on in this
It can go on for some years.
Now love is at a long distance.
Humanity has remained unchanged in its place.

Dark covered Universe

I see the day as night.
Although civilisation-light is in existence and there is Sun, there is a star,
yet the universe is always covered with darkness.
It rains, the spring comes,
yet there are restless tears always in mother-eyes,
young-spring is dark.


I touch your soft palm.
I get reach of your soft cheek.
I can’t still get in touch with your heart!
Is it for it is not open?
Does it want proof?
you remain silent keeping a smile on your lip.
I understand –I have got your heart.
And that is nothing but a silent sign of love for me.

To Wait for the cloud

I looked at the sky.
The wind took away
the cloud,
the rain didn’t come.

I am waiting for the
cloud again

Stay in safe

What has happened- I will not ask you.
You have come at midnight.
What may be the cause– I will not tell
You to go back.
This night is furious and ferocious.
I am alone, yet it does not need to
go away.
Stay and sleep in safe until the morning comes.

Failure pathetic

There’s a dream all day long,
the cloud is nonavailable due to air.
Peacock’s tail-feathers distend,
Oh, the collyrium eyed love is failure-pathetic.
Alas ! the tear-wet apron-strings are empty

Keep me silent in my heart

When I will be no more,
Please don’t comment-
Kindly keep me silent in your heart.
I will keep my soul on the ground
in case of need.
My soul will give softness to the soil
When It will be hard.
My soul will remove poisonous germs

from the flower-heart.
Perhaps you all know-
ground floor, soft soil, flower-heart
is always needed of.

Mujib of all the universe

The light of freedom is shining, and it is shining still
now in Bangladesh.
It will shine…
as this light is Everbright,
Although you know who has brought it
yet I say as we are proud of saying–
this light has been brought by my Mujib, your Mujib,
Mujib of the Bengalees, Mujib
of all the universe, Mujib of all.
Independent Bangladesh,
he was shocked when his motherland, his brothers,
his sisters were being the victims of torture, exploitation, injustice.
But he did not shed tears
He started fighting without fear.
Bangladesh was independent for this fight for freedom in 1971.
Mujib took the role of leadership centrally in this fight for freedom.
we are proud of him.
we are proud of him for
getting him as” The Father of the Nation”,
“Bangabandhu” ( friend of Bengal ) and
the modern architect of the ancient Bengalee-civilisation”.
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