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Poet of the Day

Joanna Svensson


Joanna Svensson

Best Poem and Poet of the Day

14th April 2021 and 8th May 2021



When darkness swept my path of thoughts
It felt just like it lead to nowhere
It felt just like a total stranger
It felt just like it was not mine
I held my breath and felt upfilled
I was empowered by a certain feeling
Its appearance was overwhelming
With glittering warm and loving thoughts
Beaming just like diamonds
Beaming just like precious stones
I felt so very strongly
The nearness of love
And the one I Iove was just about
To embark this dark and unknown path
Because I knew that deep inside
Only true love and honesty
Can lead us on towards the light
Not even the most and noble statutes
In the most and grandeous society
With weapons, swords and golden medals
And privileges and what else…
I now felt stronger
More fit than ever
With my clear and honest thoughts
Because I followed
The laws of God
Just like the unwritten words of nature
With unselfishness and with truth
With honestly and with submissiveness
With all this I will give others help!



You are my truthful voice
In the labyrint of languages
For you do truly understand
Each and every word
You can see just about everything
Everything you can hear
For you are my soulmate
My love – my everything
You do understand my words
Although they all not yet are ready
Because you know my inner thoughts
You know my inner senses
You put music to unspoken words
With the clearest drops of rain
With soft whispers of the wind
When bashful early daylight
Like purest water cleanse your thoughts
And often do we meet
On the other side of the rain
Where we often go
To hide our tears of joy
To hide our tears of bitterness
To protect the world around us
From slander and from scorn
From whispers and from gossip
And from rumours false belief
For on the other side of the rain
Here is our retreat
Here you can stay för just no reason
Than plain and simple just to be
If you just keep
A clean and honest heart
Filled with pure intentions
That’s when you may in purest spirit
Be yourself with your truthful voice!

©® Joanna Svensson

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