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Daily Selected Poems : Ronnie Tucker

Ronnie Tucker   |   Friday, 05 November 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Ronnie Tucker

Ronnie Tucker

Two lovers on a string

Two lovers dream on a string
As the wind echoes through the trees
In a forest so green , time is but a moment
A thread they cling to , a blanket they hold onto
So many pasts and so many memories
So much pain , so many happy moments
They share with each other all of life has to give
They hold onto one another as time goes on
They grow old together bound on a string of life
Like ghosts they float so magically
Two hearts beating as one
ETERNALLY in the ethereal mists of time
Their love for each other is their bond
As they reach for the string never to be broken
For they were meant to be , till the end of their lives
Holding each other close never to let go
In one anothers arms they set the night on fire
As their passion is always burning
The love they have will never die
The scenes they keep alive is forever
Soft caresses and kisses moments trapped in time
Their love is meant to be they are so beautiful
Like a melody , a song that will always be sung in harmony
Embracing their Joy’s and tears in the path of life
Under the moonlight and the stars
Forever clinging to their string
Their love they share , ever after meant to be
They capture their moment
For they are the thread that will never break
On the debris they are free
In their tears their love will last
As life goes on in a world moving so fast
Spoken in words their love will always be
Their moment in a timeless dream
Captured in a picture ageless and forever
Until death takes one away
And the thread is finally broken
And the song is no longer a melody
For in the end nothing lasts forever
Under the moonlight
As the wind echoes through the trees
A heart beats alone searching the stars
For a love that is gone
Awaiting a ghost on a string in a moment long gone
(DEDICATED to all my friends in my poetry groups you know who you are for there is to many to name bless all of you )


Channelling My Shadow

Do you feel what I feel?
When my days are behind me
I stare through my consciousness of my pain
I wipe away my hours
As I take another drag from my endless cigarette stains
I leave my magic in my dreams
I never know what is real
In my lips hide the secret
That is lost in the tongues of blue
Making all as It possibly seems
For my whisper is a scream
My act, I perform is really nothing new
It’s just in the way I present it
That brings light to shade
For I hide it like a sorcerer’s weaves a spell
Behind my mask lies the secret to my abyss
A second in twilight you can’t resist
It’s not impossible it’s as all seems
Into the mist, you can’t resist
Sacred is my magician, a solace to my vision
Devour my simple rhyme
A little to the left of time
Come to my view and you will taste bliss
Make believe in magic
And you will see its real
something so black as my kiss
Something inside me burns
I don’t really understand what it really means
Maybe I’m blessed
Maybe I’m cursed but I could not resist the taste


Shut the door (our love died )

When I look at you with my brown eyes I know it hurts
All the lies all the crys
Our world is falling apart
Why must our hearts be broken
Shut the door
Shut the door
Shut the door
Shut the door no coming back
What has come between us
Why has our flame burned out
No more no more can we stay together
No more love remains just the pain
Two broken hearts cant mend
So this is the end no goodbyes
You just look at me with your green eyes
No more tears we cry for the love has died
You have dumped me for a stranger in a rich world
Shut the door
Shut the door
Shut the door
Shut the door no turning back

Views in my coffee


Sound out ancient cry
Dawn of time awaken
Reflecting, collecting
Dance with emotion
Sunlight alone here to carry the distance
Moonlight watcher dream your soul to the twilight
Talk to the sorcerer, call out to the morning mover
Pass out the spell as I call to the tune
A song sung so well
A choir in my ears, a voice I hear filled with magic
Wonder fall before my eyes sunken and shallow
O, sun watcher, will they return in their shining ships
For us to worship again, rejoice at the moment
Amid the stars, we await in confusion
Do we see clearly will they really care about us
Teachers, believers spitting the poison
Where are we now, somehow
We have fallen and we can’t understand why
Our society has been polluted with madness
And we have turned on each other
We were a river now we are an ocean
We have no beginning only endings
Move over people don’t sell yourselves
Your mind is your own and nobody else
So don’t let them take control
Move fast tell me the correct verse
The season change but movements stay the same
We need to be loved and build our own dreams
So come within the veil
Set the course to the rainbows
Seekers of life hold on and let desire carry you
Solitude of a velvet voice shine on forgotten times
Reflecting moments left to linger
Shining ships of silver memories
Search the stars dreaming as one
Teach me your song the golden tune
We dance as we sing
Surrounded in serenity we are immortal & divine
Standing in circles we are the companions
Setting suns mooncast all in illusion
Illuminating the glittering glimpses
The movement lies inside of you
Dancing light in twilight my soul is alive
Ancient travellers sail the skys
To other skylines, star shine
We are aligned with you
I’m the moment coming through
With many pages colors forward to reach you
To you, I leave my passions
My flower of sacred visions
My seasons of change
My tears in my coffee
Eternal spirits beautiful and shining to view
The movement and moment is gone
For this dream must come to an end
I hope I have blown your mind for a little while
If I have it has made me smile
So I say adieu to you now for it is over



Submission, in intermission


Lay me down in the sun
My time has come
Sing my song, sing my song
My spirit has left me
Now my voice is free to sing
My a@$ is out of the can, hell yeah
The children of the stars shine down on me
I have got what I need what about you
She got it, he’s got it , you got it, I’ve got it to
The witches coming in blue
Pictures, memories in tears
But what does all the years mean
Sorrow for Tomorrow
All my beautiful friends are crying to
Destiny comes in like a lion
Save the face, waves in an ocean
Drops in the sea filled in emotion
Soul shaker revolting machine
A reaction to a scream
And the walls are shaking, earth is quaking
Look out here I come break me, baby
Ooooow. Ooooow
Dream maker, my love taker
Never love again I have been waiting for her so long
she driving me so crazy
Here comes my pain she’s like a black widow
Her love is so deadly you just can’t get loose
You burn for her embrace
Dance, dance in her spiral
Sow your seed, sow your passions
Lick your lips wait for the kiss
Taste that poison so sweet
Let her tongue move around in your mouth
While you fall under her spell
She’s got you now smell her black orchids
How is your face you wear
Mine is the clown with the permanent frown
Are you coming down from the high your on
Mine has just begun
A storm I wear so well an angel with a broken wing
Upon the silver threads, we tread
The stars in our hair, our paradise found
We will be there, we will be there
My flower, my power, my sweet sunshine
My angel with the broken wing
My heart and soul, roll
Sting me baby I need it badly
I can’t let go no, no, no
I’m breaking, I’m shaking
My presence is complete (moon child) run wild





Wait awhile I had a sad dream
Made from my own skin
My nightmares upon the wall
So tired like the dream streaming through my mind
Awaken I’m only sleeping
Noise noise noise emotion
Flying in segue all color fades away
Like some old black and white movie
Yea I got to getaway
A ghost in the window
Take a long look as he beckons you
For upon me i wear his frustration
As you take on his disease
O pity the fool for your self destruction
Dying days are done as dancing days are here again
Dark sides come alive
Soft and sweet how come they have to suffer
Who are these imps of the night world
Who are we to walk in the spotlight
At the threshold we sometimes we refer to as hell
We stand back and touch and feel the ecstasy
Our clouds in our minds are parted
I ask my Angel’s no more no more
To seek the serpent in the bowels of a dark serenade 20 years and now
Why do elephants sleep when they become flying men
Toss madness to the wind
The dampness follows the heels
As evening takes solitary day
Face of dust crumble to rust
As they burn in metallic fires
Hovering Angel’s on the couch of death
Drink from the silent dew
Colored in robes of purple and red
For now, they smile for nothing
A child in a grown-ups mind
Wasted on a performance in time
When the music began a concert of a lifetime
Reap and repose replicate
O you wicked beast
Here we witness the bitter end
End of segue end of vol.1


Violent love


We are breathing
We are oblivious
Blood in our hearts
Comfort mercy upon us all
Sacrifice pay the price
Believing in violent love
Creating for a kiss a fire
Consuming the passion of desire
We are breathing we are a union
Scream your violence this is bliss
We are singing like a dove
A fire burns inside never to expire
A violent love created for
We build and build we are human
Safe and sound this is where we kiss
Cry out fighting we are dying we are screaming
This violent love
Extreme to the course
If I fall will you catch me
In the violence of our love
Save a piece of my heart
It’s for the taking , hear of pain , my love for you
All I live I forget I cant be ok
You bring me back here
Your bite is so hard so beautiful
As my love grows for you the stars still shine
Mine all mine my words are quite clear
Share a piece of your soul to me
Soaking in the light of violent love
My whisper to your scream
Violent love
Violent love
Cant let go
Cant let go
Of violent love




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