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Poetry for Peace : Mili Das

Mili Das   |   Thursday, 17 June 2021 | Print

Poetry for Peace : Mili Das

Mili Das

We want peace


There have been many wars all over the world.
Now we want peace.
The people of the whole world will be tied together.
We would not fight,
We would not fight.
We fall asleep in the soft light of the moonlight in the same sky.
We are alive.
Why will there be a war in the bosom of this beautiful family?
We all would be tied together.
The outcome of the war is not good.
We don’t want violence.
We don’t want conflict.
We don’t want noise.
We don’t want to fight.
No, no, I don’t want bloodshed.
We just want the atmosphere of peace to come down in the whole world.
Only peace to come down.
We can see the flag of peace flying in the distance.
We want to fly that flag and tie it together in the chest of the world.
We don’t want war anymore.
We don’t want murder anymore.
Now we want a little peace.
Now we want a little peace.


Copyright@Mili Das

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