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Daily Selected Poems : Priyanka Banerjee

Priyanka Banerjee   |   Wednesday, 27 April 2022 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Priyanka Banerjee

Priyanka Banerjee

Burn the Bridge


You sleep and snore
When they burn up our huts
And spit
On the corpses
In anguish!
Rage and feverish hatred ruin our land,
Where once God whispered secrets of love
To the kissed Souls of beautiful damsels!

Burn the bridge
When We cease
To exist.

Colours and lack of colours and bloody bloodshed ripped apart hearts!
Merge with queues,
Where infants die sucking up bottles of water.
No milk, only water!
They rape the sisters in front of their brothers.
No milk powder!
Horror! Horror!

Fair skin and glittering blue eyes empower their lustful instincts to spit.
On naked skin!
You are silent
And you sleep and snore as it’s no anymore a Sin.
You don’t know what a child’s shriek means
To its prostitute mother.
You laugh and dream about winning the Universe!
But you don’t listen to their unuttered words of intense pain, too deep!
Too harsh!

Boots define power structure.
Isn’t it a defeat, a failure?
An illusion, a crime, a bitter truth, a bloody Fracture?
The curves of naked bosom, the bites, the lacklustre fight –

You spice up your stories of triumph and utter need!
You don’t believe in sacrifice and solemn deeds –
You can write but fail to read
The lover’s broken mind that once aspired for a passionate kiss!

You sleep and snore –
And let me burn the Bridge
Challenging those bloodstained lips
That once Sucked up our Blood
And quit!

You still love to Spit –


River! You belong to whom?

When the grey sky is reluctant to embrace the river,
In the land of oblivion and grey dust,
The sinking boat clings to the floating saplings –
The river again sings
The song of longings –
Wherever one moves,
The drooping shadows
will always Paint the portrait of
A throbbing galaxy –
Grey dust and grey sky create a grey paradise –
The mad heart will ever refuse to be shrewd or wise.

Not to be Forgotten

With the falling of the dried up leaves
And the unmasking of the inhabitants Of the distant world, Epiphany stirs up the turbulent soul.
The ocean of silence, locked into hearts,
Finds out a majestic outlet,
Through which silence is channelized to awaken the dead, mythical structure,
Beyond the world of anguish, pain and Rupture –
Suddenly, the tempest touches the sinews of the heart of the dancing lass,
Who knows not the burning sensation
Of a slumbering foetus!
Suddenly, the Peacock smells the fragrance stored into the bosom
Of the blue lotus!
Suddenly, the touched veins absorb all the transparent bubbles that are coloured by the shining rainbows!
Suddenly, the shuddering mind aspires to experience the perennial “I”.
Beyond the world of fixed destination and stereotyped categorisation,
Lies the vast, blue ocean of cosmic Light –
Let us engulf it –
Let us kill those darkest shadows, that smell our bodies in our passionate daydreams.
Some truths are still expressed through the intertwined branches of the bending trees and the blushing cheeks –
Some lips are still waiting for Epiphany’s much nuanced slips.
Let’s hold onto each other,
Yet stay apart!
Let’s hold onto each other,
Yet, remain liberated within.
Let’s celebrate
the moment of penetration
of the streak of light,
into the darkest prayer room,
Yet, let’s remain concretized within.
Let the hungry eagle’s flying feather and the Woman’s shining nose ring defy the world of sins.
The insane, ecstatic lovers celebrate the moments of intense neutrality and ruthlessness –
Yet, they love to cling to each other with a daring resistance,
that defies the agony of traumatized existence.


The Soliloquy of a Foetus


I resided within you,
I could hear
The sound of your shouts, shrieks and groanings,
When they forced themselves on you,
Hurting my soft body,
And denying my prenatal existence and my urges to play with the sun and the moon
And balloons and teddy bears!
Are teddy bears soft too
Like my hairless head?
I had moments of intense joy too
When I felt your touches,
Though there was the soothing barrier of skin
Between you and my elemental cells!
And your heartbeat lulled me to sleep,
While dreaming about stars!
Then suddenly they came
With their scissors, hot water,
heater –
And too much ruthlessness
Burnt up my heart!
I cried though I didn’t have any eyes then
And blood came out of my tiny structure of raw flesh!
” Throw it away! The Foetus! The burden !”
They said and I became insane!
Too much pain and intense pain
Turned me into a rebel,
Though I had left my tiny body then
And the beasts were smelling it –
I was turned into a floating foetus
Searching for my mother’s womb
Amidst infinite darkness an evaporating mist.
Do you still wait for my kicks and pine for the touches
Of my softest limbs
And I question my God
Again and again,
While floating in the world of silence
And painlessness.
They cut off my throat
And repressed my voice forever!
The Foetus can never be as clever as they are.
And when the foetus dies,
nobody writes
The history of its journey –
Nobody cares for its longings, desires, dreams
And it’s urge for the solemn rise.
The Foetus dies
And the world celebrates its Demise,
Silently, ruthlessly.


White Bones and Black Waist – Trauma or Dilemma?


The show must go on.
The dancers and the Beduins know how the secrets of Split hearts
Can negate the rhythm of the Earth!
The kisses on lips and those shadows of drops of rain
Can absorb the ruthless Cleopatra’s pain.
The setting sun spreads its hue over the Prison cells!
Even imprisonment can destroy the sterility of the Soul
That needs to be Resurrected!
Bodies become alive when souls get connected!
Between life and death, Love leads the show that amuses
The eunuchs,
Who stands as barrier
Between love and lovelessness!
passions triumph over the hollow
Structure of Power!
The sunkissed domes of the land of the mystic
aspire for more freedom
And the last shower!
Freedom of speech can smoothen the lips and the rocks of the domes!
Even the empire of Rome
Was built up at the cost of savage pain!
Rain, rain and more rain
Can soak up the warm bed of sand
Of the lost desert land!
Timelessness has been deconstructing the concept of Time –
Time is ripe for absorbing
a new amalgamation
Of passions
That will breed a new phase of life,
Bringing the Past, the Present and the Future on one plane!
The Revolutionary can never be sane.
The verdict negates the concept of sanity and lust!
The colonies are no more spreading the virus!
They are no more ominous!
Black skin, black hair, black eyeballs
Can create a new brown earth
Where the rebels will paint again portraits of broken guns!
The savage man embraces his white woman!
Too much of love
Can turn the white skin into a tanned
The dancers sway their black waist
In a bid to find out the centre
Of the earth!
will oil come out at the cost of white bones?
Bones are always white –
No matter what.


Copyright @ Priyanka Banerjee



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