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Poet of the Day

Gerard Lyle


Gerard Lyle

Best Poem and Poet of the Day

2nd April 2021 and 20th May 2021



Tense muscles live to plague the spine.
They disrespect both young and old
(vertebrae love to misalign).
Injuries teach: be not too bold.
“Macho-lifting” ends with “the groans”.
Using legs will smile our day.
Lack of discernment hurts backbones.
Vanity writes a painful play.
Not knowing makes life backache tough.
Our knowing Self is learning-smart
(our too much and our not enough).
The right amount is Human art.
Quality thought means far less pain ,
and far less pain feels far more sane.

Message To Myself (April 1, 2021)

When does an “is” become an “ain’t”?
What degree of love will prevail?
(Most call eighty percent a “saint”).
At what point does our kindness fail?
How much calm do we call patience?
How much courage do we call brave?
The cut-off point can cause suspense.
Who knows where to condemn (or save)?
Judging others is a fool’s game.
Judging ourselves may lead to pain.
Pity the one’s who point and blame.
Increasing goodness keeps us sane.
Sure God could have made us perfect:
all virtues one hundred percent.
Free-will can choose and well reject.
(Perhaps this hints at God’s intent).
For us discernment must be learned:
(Birth does not come with instructions).
Pain teaches. Real knowledge is “earned”).
Distractions are interruptions.

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