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Poet of the Day : Birendu Kr Sinha

Birendu Kr Sinha   |   Friday, 09 July 2021 | Print

Poet of the Day : Birendu Kr Sinha

Birendu Kr Sinha


Birendu Kr Sinha

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8th July 2021


The fragrance of earth is never dead
Flowers bloom though they finally fade
But fragrance floats like sweet symphony
Like sublime splendour of nature’s harmony
Odorous bubbles of joy mirth and glee
Showers of symphony fall on hills in valley
The sodden earth breathes geosmin smell
Our joys swell under a magical spell
A blooming rose dies leaving behind odour
Reminding sweet moments inside book’s cover
Emotions roseate heart feels gungho
Old letters flutter somnolent smell flow
The moon in silver sprinkles rosy dreams
Water gets tipsy in drunken slow streams
Laden with aroma from far off harbours
Bouquet of fragrance from hillside bowers
Divine Obeisance with joss sticks incense
Fills heart caves with waves of joy immense

Copyright@Birendu Kumar Sinha


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Posted 3:57 pm | Friday, 09 July 2021

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