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Daily Selected Poems : Ndue Marku

Ndue Marku   |   Monday, 28 June 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Ndue Marku

Ndue Marku



Oh, how little he looks like me
before you, O people of the great world,
small as much as you don’t see me,
small, like a shade of transfigured,
as small as a dusty hand..!
You haven’t seen me on podiums,
strutted with collar and long hair,
tied tail, thrown behind the back,
You haven’t seen me
in the front seat
in luxurious glass cars,
You haven’t seen me surrounded by bodyguard,
Not even with beautiful lovers
among the suspicious resorts..!
Oh, how small am I before you, people,
small as much as I call myself a poet,
Small as much as it doesn’t get caught
as i walk the streets of the villages
of sidewalk among you
as you touch my shoulders
when in a hurry go to your trail..!
I have believed in nothing,
Nor do I believe in anything, I do not believe;
in the pyramids of Egypt, I don’t believe
in white nude statues of women
from archaeogues discovered the depths of the earth,
I don’t believe in cult objects, nor in stones,
not even in the caves and the mountain..!
Believe… believe in heavenly spaces,
Trust in the man who will be born tomorrow,
I believe in the light I see, in the water
that touches and thirst quench, believe
at the dead moon I carry over the top..!
Believe in new lands, in planets
of undiscovered supergalagtics,
I believe in the disappearance of world wars,
Believe in inventions of formulas
and the equations they will bring
Peace and true happiness,
believe… in the holy human love..!
I believe…
in the chalky waves of the seas,
and to the greatness
the blue of the oceans
I believe…
in the universal harmony of colors,
and to the touches and caresses
the light hair, at the kisses…
the warmth of women,
I believe… in the magic touches
of the fingertips,
I believe…
to transparent lightening
of the eye look,
I believe..!
Believe in the uneven income of things,
and in the current time, we live,
Trust in the man I build
temples and created the Gods..!
Believe in systems…
that change once every 100 years,
I believe in the rotation of planets
and in the sunsets,
I believe..!

Copyright@Ndue Marku

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