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Philip Winchester   |   Saturday, 12 June 2021 | Print

Poet of the Day

Philip Winchester

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Philip Winchester

The best poem and poet of the Day

10th June and 18th June 2021


Loving correspondents from the heart

Loving correspondents from the heart.
Only a man who truly loves his woman
Venus you to understand my heart
I trust my heart as it rules my body and mind
Naturally feeding life’s blood to my brain.
God knows neither of us love for loves sake
Considering our experiences of love affairs
On a scale of one to ten we’re both a nine.
Recalling past experiences something lacking
Every time you thought maybe, next time.
Simply say, Next time, there’ll be no next time
You and I will now rewrite our history
Only this time it will reach the quality of Ten.
Never will there have been a better couple.
Devoted and loving in everything that they do
Enchanting their friends and near family
Nurturing their dogs with a new dawn of life
Correspondence from the heart is so easy
Easy because every word that’s said is true
For if one speaks the truth, no exaggeration.
Remembering what you’ve said is very easy
Only saying what your heart tells your mind
Mind then conveys these words to the lips
To the fingers and inspiring the poetic verses
Having this pure love for You is my fuel.
Extra octane to raise the passion in the heart.
Having fed the heart with another tonic hit
Exacting more and more inspirational verse
A verse to praise my own, my darling One
Rhymes and sayings to amuse my lovely girl.
Treasure this from now until forevermore.




Never take for granted the greatest power, the power to choose.
( An Acrostic ) of 50 lines


Never take for granted the greatest power.
The power to choose!
Every concession, or subsidy in whatever form
As a contribution or donation to charity
Value this as a highest prize, volition is the
Sacred power to choose, use that power well
Efficacy empowering the production of results
By marching forward in a positive direction
Ranges of choices sometimes oh so wide as to
Make a decision very difficult indeed.
Two equally, typically undesirable alternatives
We get to know typically as a dilemma
An act of choosing to take up one option as
Opposed to another to maintain momentum
Knowing that there’s no apparent option rather
than the real , you have “Hobson’s choice”
Embarrass de recesses you become spoilt for
Choice, is the other side of the coin.
From the comparison betwixt the humble poet
And the power hungry “Megalomaniac,
Optimising in an act of choosing between the
two, voluntary ,of one’s own free will Choose
Rights to act or judge by your power of choice
you may call this discretion, one or t’other
God grants such power as yet unmaterialised
and unrealised which he labels potential.
Relinquish that potential at your peril
you may never live to see that choice again
An area of power and influence you may get
to understand as your domain but reflect
Never take for granted the greatest power,
the power to choose.
Twitter and chat with all and sundry
relatives you’re born to, friends you choose
Even if you use your power of wit n influence
and see it as weight n clout you throw about
Delegate or depute and assign somebody to
make your choices for you. No don’t quit !
The A to Z of choices takes no time to ponder
If you take for granted the power to choose
Even by commencing from “A”. Aha . Eureka!
you have chosen first time lucky .But wait. !
Great though he may appear as the “Boy”
of your dreams, will he stand the test of time?
Retiring back into your shell ,your” Colleagues“
At work never choose to know the real you.
Every “Demi-God “or “Elder” that you meet ,
give respect to ,spoil it all by choosing not to.
An “F” word muttered under your breath .
A “Gender” question, which choice of path?
To “Hero-worship” then a real life commitment
“Interpreters “ of choices thru a Drago Man
Established in the art of choice as lead by
“Jesus” Christ “Knowledge “that it will not fail
Superimposed, will “Liquidise “and blend
all the choices that are available “Mmmmm”
To the most “Natural “smoothie that you have
ever chosen to drink. “Ohhhh” yes. !
Pause and “ Pause” again ,do we really under
stand the power of choice. Procrastinate !
Oh put off until tomorrow, “Quit” whilst ahead
“Realise” your winnings in the now.
Wether you “Seek” perfection ,or an easy
way out . “ Take” heart it is your choice
Ethereal choice becomes the mother of
invention, when and where necessities dwell
React with an un-earthly prowess and ability
to establish what was to be the right choice.
The “ Virtual “ choice that you could have
made under the circumstances, bona-fide.
Having and knowing you have the power
Of choice, it leaves it in your hands.
Even if you get the choice “Wrong” this time
it is your mistake , no one else’s
Pretty soon you will know the error and mark
It with an “X” n strive to get it right next time
Only “You “ have this individual power
To make up your own mind . You do, don’t you
We can all be as” Zealous “and pedantic as
You like in life but choices win through .
Even if you can’t be bothered to take the
Choice to read this poem, on and on and on.
Reacting in a moment of impatience.
“ What am I doing wasting time reading this?”
To have a power of choice is a valuable power
not granted to all people of the world.
Oh, stay with me ! Tell me that you understand
the meaning of this poem. Do I make it clear
Can you choose? Do you choose? Are you
exercising a sacred power that you’re given?
Holy power, not given to timid mice sitting
on the fence waiting for the right choice
Oh no ! Never take for granted the greatest
power, the power to choose.
Onlookers and bystanders are you learning
from any of the simple examples, I have set?
See unless you see and understand the good
and bad choices made by man thru ages .
Earth and the Universe would have failed
In its quest to provide a Heaven that we seek

Copyright@Philip Winchester

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