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Poetry for Peace: Faruk Ahmed Roni

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Poetry for Peace: Faruk Ahmed Roni

Faruk Ahmed Roni

The Church, Mosque and the Wall

I dreamed Jesus last night, the fire on the gate of Golgotha,
His soul wandering yet searching the last breath
Abraham at the bloody door of heaven welcoming for long,
Gaza blasting!
The wall parting in pieces
The mosque polluted with toxic gas
The church submerged between sweat-blood,
Jerusalem trembling…
Isaac in interrogation by the Almighty!
Oh, children of Adam, oh children of Abraham,
Oh, children of Isaac
Let not bath in your own blood!
I was crying at loud, and again
I was battling in the nightmare,
My voice choked,
Oppressed under rocket attack.
I dip in the blood of my four children
Were cuddled on my arm,
Were embraced my heart.
I swamped in the bloody Mediterranean Sea
Black sea, Red Sea
And the vast ocean of my heart! I am tired,
The inhuman reaction,
Burning like an erupted volcano in me,
A fragile and feeble effigy!
The complex and evolving agreement in my bosom,
In my soul,
And in my airways, at the depth territory of my breaths.
Oh, my dwelt brotherhood
Why bloodshed of children against humanity
The scourge of oppression In the name of religion?
My children did not know the hatred
What a religious form?
But they learnt religion confound with
Peace, love, compression and fondness.
They did not learn phobia or enmity!
Thus began long before the crucified.
Christianity, Islam and Judaism,
The Quran, Torah and Bible
The identity of Abraham, thus Adam
And the last end with Mohammed.
Let’s raise your hands toward humankind
for humanity,
Bury the disputed history
Let’s live in a peaceful civilisation
Let’s not dive into our own’s blood!
Hail humanity.

Copyright@Faruk Ahmed Roni

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Posted 5:32 pm | Saturday, 05 June 2021

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